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Master's program

Master's Program

The Master's program requires completion of 36-unit's course study and a Master thesis. It is usually completed in two years. The program is designed to enable students to:


  1. Grasp the basic skills of technology management and practice these skills in high-tech industries.

  2. Understand the legal theories associated with high-tech business management and entrepreneurial business development.

  3. Think innovatively as an entrepreneur and to create value for stakeholders and society.




The Graduate Institute of Technology Management offers courses in three disciplines: high-tech business management, technology and law as well as innovation and entrepreneurship.



Courses in high-tech business management :




Introduction to Industrial Technologies, Marketing Management for High-tech Enterprises, Technology and Operations Management, High-tech Strategic Management, Strategic Analysis to High-tech Business, Technology Forecast and Assessment, Manufacturing Strategy, National Competitivenss and S&T Policy



Courses in technology and law:




Technology and Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Transfer, Competition Law, Patent Analysis and Management, Administrative Law, Global Business Management and Investment Law, Energy Law, European Law, Laws and Practice of Modern Corporate Management and Governance



Courses in innovation and entrepreneurship:




Technology and Innovation Management, New Business Development, Organizational Innovation Management, Intetnational Business and Technology Development, New Product Innovation Strategy, Innovation & Management of Intellectual Property, Creativity Development and Practice