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Education & Research Scope

Mei HC Ho  
Professor, Director

Education: Ph.D., Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

Courses: Industrial Competitiveness and Global S&T Policy Analysis, International Business and Innovation Development, Marketing Research, Social Science Research Methodology

Research Scope: Knowledge network, MNEs strategy, Regional innovation system, S&T policy studies

Hwa-Meei, Liou  

Education: Dr.jur., University of Munich, Germany

Courses: Patent and Administrative Law, Green Energy Technology Policy and Energy Law, Administrative Law, Enterprise and Competition Law, Climate Change Policy and Law,Studies in E-commerce and Competition Law, Climate Change Policy and Law

Research Scope: Energy Climate Law, Competition Law, Administrative Law, Intellectual Property Law

Hsiao-Hui, Chen  

Education: Dr.jur., University of Munich, Germany

Courses: Technology & Law, Intellectual Property Law and Marketing Strategies, The Intellectual Property Law, Internet and Copyright

Research Scope: Intellectual Property, Technology Law

Chi-Yo Huang  

Education: Ph.D., Institute of Management of Technology, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Courses: R&D and Project Management, Marketing Management, Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics

Research Scope: Management of Technology, Strategic Management, Decision Analysis, Data Mining, Technological Forecasting

Chun Ping Yeh  
Associate Professor

Education:  Ph.D., National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Courses: New Business Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management, Platform Strategy and Innovation 

Research Scope: Strategic Management, International Business Administration, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management

Jingjing Weng 
Associate Professor

Education: Ph.D., Department of Management, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK

Courses: Technology Management and Case Analysis, Social Innovation,Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practicum, Innovation, Sustainability and Ethical Decision

Research Scope: Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Human Resource Management and Employment Relations, Qualitative Study